The Vikings

Andersen was a cruel Viking. He was so brutal that one day he crushed his own mothers that gave him life skull, his mother that he loved more then all, just because she was not fast enough cooking his father's skull that he crushed 10 minutes earlier for the pure fun of it.

Option A:
But Christian was a crueler Viking by far. In the war against … (research) they say he killed over 200,000 … (?) with his bare hands and then raped their wives, Children and living stock.

Option B:
But Christian was a crueler Viking by far. Once as he was riding in the forest on the back of his beloved horse Mathilda, he accidentally came across a village of hostile …

They surrounded him in a circle. More then 400 of them threatened that he should surrender on the spot or they will cook him for dinner.

At the end of the day he crushed the skulls of the 400 man, raped their woman and living stock and when returning to his beloved horse Mathilda, he raped her as well only by the force of inertia.

Andersen height was 2.5 meter only 20 centimeters shorter then Christian. (Describe muscles, inhuman force and the helmet with the horns – research!)

Andersen and Christian use to compete one another in running, murdering, long jump, plunder, weight lifting, rape and every single thing actually.

Still firm and abiding between them was the dispute about their penis size, even though clearly Andersen's penis was bigger and wider then Christian's scrawny organ that on a feeble condition was only 53 centimeters in length.

Compared with them, Hans was a small Viking, a poet.

(Inquire if Vikings had one wife or more, maybe Hans is biting his wife, a terrifying large woman)

His height was at least 2 meters, and compared to an ordinary man he was quite intimidating, but standing next to his friends Andersen and Christian he was almost a midget.

The three go together for loot travels. It is very hard for Hans to hurt people. He is very sensitive and cries often. He's afraid of his 2 friends and tries to hide his true nature. He is smarter and often tricks them as if he is robbing/ torturing/ raping same as them and even more.