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From: Shai Maivar shai.maivar@gmail.com
Date: Fri, Feb 2, 2007 at 1:23 PM
To: Tav Zamir

tivtuvim it was sweet talking to you while you were sleeping, now its morning and the sun is shining on this holy land. did you see the full moon last night? wow what power the moon has. I will take some pictures today. I miss amit here, its not the same without him. also you would be nice. very nice. ok love I go to sleep some, dont forget this is the only life we have (at least right now) and we have to make all effort to be happy, to live healthy, not to react to negative emotions, to treat our body right and to nourish the soul. amor amor amor.



From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: שבת 24 פברואר 2007 21:14
To: Tav Zamir

tavi I am going away until the flight to some magic island, so there will be no mail or phone.
my flight is landing thursday early morning, my mom knows the exact time, I dont remember.
love love and love

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שלישי 20 פברואר 2007 20:21
To: Yossi Maivar
Subject: Re: Hi from Nurit

the festival is over, everything is great, people are leaving but I am staying a few more days and maybe go to the beach to get some color. I will be back as scheduled on the 1 of march early morning. be good. much love. shai

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שני 19 פברואר 2007 19:48
To: Tav Zamir

the festival is officialy over now, I have a week more here to enjoy, many people are leaving today and tomorrow, we were supposed to record a cd but its not going to happen this time. so I just relax here for a week, maybe go to a beach or 2 to get some sun tan.
we see each other very soon,
love and love to tav

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שני 19 פברואר 2007 15:30
To: Amit Gershi

passarinho do amor allegria e harmonia tudo mundo corraחao beleza puta que pariu!!
so the festival is over, I am sitting here with edgar by my side, he came exactly in the right moment for him, in the morning of the last session. that way he didnt have to play even one tarekitata, only get the hugs and kisses from everybody. he says hi and fuck you. now carioca has arrived here and he and edgar started talking over my head in a rate of 780 miles per hour in portuguese. maybe it was a wrong moment to write you. carioca sends a poimpoim. so gershwin how is the life? do they bit you up in school? do you know kvinta already or still you needs to pay another 30-40 thousands to learn that? here the festival was really super great. in the beginning people thought maybe they will miss you, but then nobody did. because I was there and it was more than enough. or as joshua said very accurately, the king is dead, long live the new king. I am very lucky there were no really available hot girls, so I didnt have to get confused with anything, but it was a real refreshing experience to get free of trying to impress the girls and just play for everybody. I seriously had some moments of being humble, almost feeling like I serve the people with the music. I dont know what happened to me, I think its the tea. there is no other place in the music field that people will be so thankful for your music, that they will hug you from the bottom of their heart and thank you for showing them such beauty inside them, so I just feel really really thankful. and actually I really do miss you here, sometimes I felt a little bit alone over there having to hold the whole thing. but dont let it go to your head, ok berkley boy? I broke my big toe and the foot in the beginning of the festival so again a cellist had difiicult times walking. with tav its great, we miss each other and love each other very much, and we write and I call her like once a week or so and she tells me she loves me 40 times a minute, and I am happy she is young and innocent and we can grow together and we will see what the future holds. I just feel so much more relaxed with everything having this huge love, and again, very very thankful. amir says hi, he popped up in the middle of the festival, surprising everyone like always. there were so many sweet people here, really great festival, you would have enjoyed a lot. and the floresta, what can I say, this land is just too much, cashuera every day, oxum is good to me, I am sitting in the cashuera and watching the water flow and I relax and think wow this water has no shape they just flow and its like me, because I am like that with emotions and feelings and maybe the water is a metaphor for me, and then I look some more and I understand, no, I am the metaphor for this.
ok now sharing. so I would like to thank all the musicians, and all the helpers and carioca and thank you for the tea and mauricio. and I had a really difficult second glass but then the third glass was great and I would like to thank the floresta and thank you amazonia.
in the woodstock I did a song with all the children (there were a lot!) I bought all of them whistles (plus the funny ones I have) and we sang banu hoshesh legaresh, beyadenu or vaesh, and it was very funny with solo poimpoim to ruin everything.
so gershi, be strong in the snow, now I go deep in the cashuera because the life they are good and I will think of you drinking a coconut and eating mango, papaya, banana and guyava.
muito amor, kisses to the wife,
your bro

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שישי 09 פברואר 2007 02:48
To: nurit

hi mom,
tav told me you met in shani´s concert, thats great. I am doing very well. there are great people here, and the music is super. I am getting a lot of healing from all kinds of magicians, and feeling the nature very strongly. its so green and beautiful you cant belive. I almost didnt leave the festival land becasue there is no reason to go away, everything is happening here, and I am very lucky to be a part of it. also it gives me a chance to look deeply into myself and see what I want to change and what I like. so I am grateful for whatever got me here, and for you also. lots of love.

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום ראשון 04 פברואר 2007 16:49
To: *chandani *
Subject: life force

hola linda
I am in the ciranda floresta, full sessions power of love and connection, so many strong souls around, its really amazing.  I am diving deep into love with my sweetheart, although she is not here, I feel her presence more and more, teaching me purity and beauty. I dont know what I did to deserve all the presents I get in my life, but I really feel lucky. few days ago I broke my big toe playing football with the kids (there are a lot of kids running around here, its so great) and I couldnt really walk well, another teaching experience, made me realize what an unbelievable machine our body is, so many processes are going on inside we dont even have a clue about, just think about walking, how complex it is, if you had to build a robot that will walk it would take 20 lifetimes, but somehow in this miraculous body everything works and all we have to do is stay out of the way and let nature, our nature, be. also I feel the source of all things, many people call this god, but I see it now as the life force, its just other words for the same thing, but I think this life force that can bring life on this planet anywhere, that can heal a wound, this is the essence of this world, this is the magic of creation. and the most obvious way to see this is in the children, they are the life force, the renewal of life, oh man, they are so sweet when they wake up in the session and you watch them still hazy but then everything connects, because we come to this world and we will go away, but the life force goes on, we are whole but we are a part of this bigger whole.
ok I am talking too much, I really hope to visit the garden soon, not only in the astral but in this earthly dimension, the fat guy says he goes to pacha mama in the end of june, he invited me but this is cura so he doesnt really need me as a musician. we shall see what the future holds. anyway, the garden is safe in a warm place inside me, did I mention I am lucky?
I wish you moments of blossoming, renewal, love and inspiration,
yours always,

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שישי 02 פברואר 2007 13:26
To: Marina Maximilian Blumin
Subject: Re: מארינדה

marinada I am in brazil in the most beautiful piece of land god has created, full happy and full love, doing music and singing with the birds and frogs, I wish you great india month, there is no place like india. much much love

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שלישי 19 דצמבר 2006 18:55
To: *chandani *
Subject: Re: moon time

dan-dan-dani, it's chandani!!
I was happy to read about your moon time
I'm doing very well, very creative with 1001 projects, musical, and also non-musical (I'm shooting a humoristic animation series, kind of a sitcom, which I'm writing and doing the voices, very funny stuff), started giving workshops of improvisation to classical musicians and now we're recording another nagwa, so I'm pretty active (and there is much more).
soon I go to brasil (end of january) to drink tea and play music and sing to yemanja and feel happy to be a child and simple and in tune with the cosmos. you have to come to ciranda one day. or maybe you were already there? I don't remember.
with my sweetheart it's going very well. she is a real honey, and I'm learning how to be 1 but in 2 and it's not easy sometimes, but also it's amazing. and amor is abundant. I'm such a lucky guy to grab all this love from the universe. and the garden is a little strange looking right now, no one is looking after it, but somehow it is inside me, nourishing many moments. did I say I was lucky?
so I guess all the activities began in pacha-mama and you guys are full steam ahead. I understand that we're not going to be there with the poim-poim? some kind of balagan, I'm not getting into these things. but I like pacha-mama. also you I like. yes, it's true.
Hafiz is a smart dude. he sets me straight after a long day into easy sleep.
so thank you for being you, and for existing. it's important!
kisses from the beija flors, I love you always.

From: Shai Maivar [shai.maivar@gmail.com]
Sent: שבת 31 דצמבר 2005 20:46
Subject: just a day in NYC

New York City. winter 2005. just another day.
my day starts early. something pulls me out of bed. it's this city. still some hangover from last night. where was I last night? the line between reality and dreams doesn't exist in this place. can't recall what is real and what I dreamt. can't recall if it matters. I have a cello. it's rented. I decide to go and play in the subway. I take a train, get off somewhere busy. I find my spot, put my hat on the floor and start playing. what am I playing? I don't know. I let the notes play themselves. I improvise. people passing by. nobody gives a shit about the cellist. I decide not to give a shit back. I close my eyes and let the music flow. after some time, it gets a little crazy. when a train comes, I really go crazy, because of all the noise around. how much time has passed? time is different in this city. every day is like a lifetime somewhere else. I open my eyes. a little girl is sitting and staring at me. she looks fascinated, but a little scared. I decide to play something nicer. I start. a few seconds are passing and she gets up. she goes away, looking disappointed. I learn my lesson. do your thing, don't try to please anyone. thanks honey. I go on. time passes by. I open my eyes again. my hat is full of 1$ bills. at the bottom lying comfortably is also a 50$ bill. I love new york. I grab my stuff, go to my friends and drop the cello. I go out again. it's freezing, who cares. a woman is crying in the street. she's puerto-rican or something. she's also around 200 kg. someone is speaking from my throat. he's asking her what happend. she says my husband left me. he says I'm too fat. I look at her again. is she really surprised? we talk a little. finally I decide on a tactics. I tell her screw him. you're beautiful. if he can't see it, his problem. she settles down. then she starts yelling again. yea! I'm a beautiful mama! fuck the bitch! I'm scared. I go. I wander around in the streets. so many people. so much hurry. everything is busy. thousands of people going in thousands of directions to do thousands of things, thinking thousands of thoughts. this place can make you feel small. I found myself in chinatown. it's amazing. I see a sign, foot massage, 10$. I say what the hell. I go in. a little girl is rubbing my feet. she must be 12. some time passes. time is different in this city. another girl comes in, she is older. maybe 14. she gives me the real prices. and the real jobs they do. am I really surprised? I take only a full body massage. blowjob possible, sir sure? yes sure. am I sure? I get out after about an hour. or was it a lifetime? I'm relaxed. very relaxed. not for long. I call a friend. hanuka party. come. I go. people. lights. candles. food. party. noise. I'm crowded. I go out. I take this girl to see omer avital trio. they kick ass. down in the street a man is singing to himself and to the world "here comes the bride". he is all fucked up. probably heroine. no bride is coming for you anytime soon man. I think about all the crazy fuckers in this city. I wonder why they all go nuts. I decide it's the loneliness. being lonely when you're surrounded with 10 million people all the time. that's though. when you're alone in the middle of the desert you don't feel alone. the city loneliness is cruel. I get sad. then I think about it some more. maybe the crazyness is in all of us anyway. maybe people in this city just allow themselves to be who they really are. the singing man pukes all over himself. maybe it was just alcohol. the girl and me go get sushi. we have 12 bottles of saki. we look in the eye. we laugh till we drool. everything is mixing. reality and dream and time and people and me. we take a taxi. the driver is indian. we talk about his city in india. I've been there. we laugh about the chai shop we both know. we laugh about india and about new york. we both agree, it's very very different. we laugh all the way. when we get there he suddenly gets serious. he says, you know my friend, new york is very different from india. very different. then he looks at me in the mirror, gives me a big indian smile, and says: but sometimes same same.
just a day in new york city. winter 2005.
love you all,