The professor

Professor Profisius prosfirusorfsus stared at the purplish color of the bubbling substance in the test tube. His eyes shined. The substance was changing it shape every minute, it will change the shape of many things, thought to himself Professor prosfirusorfsus. All was moving according plan. He stopped for a second, trying to remember if there is anything he forgot. The Mexican Bee, whole and alive. The thorns of an Uzbek cactus. One foot fungus that he raised all by himself and of course the secret ingredient.

He calculated to himself the chemical compound, no, there is no mistake. There cannot be a mistake. He could hardly restrain himself. After so many experiments, endless researches, after investigating, learning and memorizing over thirty eight years.

The moment has come.

Professor Profisius prosfirusorfsus held the test tube excitedly. His hands were shaking. He calmed himself down. There can be no mistake. The calculation is perfect. It all fits together. And then with one gulp he swallowed the bubbling substance. He hiccupped, Silence, another hiccup.

Suddenly the professor felt an irritating weird scrape in his eyes. He tried to reach with his hands and scratch, but he found out he has no hands. The eye scrape intensified and his eyes were closing all by themselves. He tried to resist, but the eyes were stronger. They were closed. But to his surprise professor prosfirusorfsus saw something he never saw before with his eyes closed, meaning black nothing. No. His eyes kept on seeing. They saw into his head. And the sight was incredible, amazing, and unbelievable.

At first he could see the shape of his brain. Not that big, he thought and grinned to himself. The shape was so weird, nothing like the typical brain shape that the professor learned over thirty eight years ago at the University of Prussia.