Stuck Bob

The words just burst out, flooding the page with all those feelings that have been bubbling in him for so long.

Like the heart core of lava breaking out from a volcano, waves upon waves of words melted, condensed and become sentences and fragments and chapters containing all that was in him, all that he wanted to be.

Bob was stuck all his life. Even at birth, he was stuck between the uterus and the outside world for almost twenty hours.

At the end the doctors preformed a complicated and expensive procedure that almost cost Bob his life. Since then to this day, he didn't miss any opportunity to feel stuck. As a baby, he tried to walk, felt stuck in his stupid baby cart, looked at the world with his big eyes, wondering if forever he will remain stuck… As a child… a teenager… a young man…

And now, what has happened now that all the dams have broken? What happened when the words, particularly words were storming out of him? Him, that was always silent, always keeping to himself what he really wanted to say. Hesitant Bob, skeptic Bob, frightened Bob. Suddenly he found in the white piece of paper laying in front of him, his best friend, and he was pouring out his heart. At first he wrote fractions of sentences, half vague, false nonsense describing this or that thought that have been crossing, doing nothing, between the walls of his head. Later the words started getting a meaning, things started to work out, and in a weird way Bob's heart starting opening as well. Now, that he had a vent to all that was stuck in him, Bob's life were changed beyond recognition. Once he threw all his doubts to the paper, that was no longer white, he had no more doubts.

Going out to his daily work as a car mechanic, he barely recognized himself. He was peaceful, full of confidence, relaxed and authoritative.

His work companions found it difficult to accept the new Bob.