On the Porch

Even as he was growing, back in the Amazonas on the borders of Brazil Colombia, the Tree was different then all the other trees. And now while two children were fighting over him, scratching him with their shoes, with the cutlery that falls to the floor, making him dirty with Banana Strawberry Ice cream that melted and left a big stain. Even now after he has been chopped, he remained in his uniqueness, even now after ha has been cut and sent to the factory in a big truck, and processed and packed and shipped to a far away country and lay for over two whole years in the lumberyard and finally came out to see the sunlight again. He was unique. Because this tree had life in it, it used to be alive, and in it's tissues and branches and in his —- the hardships of his travel around the globe were still engraved.

(Another option: you could have thought that the tree's hardships ended after he was chopped, processed…etc. until he finally found its place at the house of — family as a wooden floor on the porch, but they actually just began.

50 thousand Shekels invested the happy father in the wooden floor model (—) that (—-) the contractor has built in three and a half months, Which are standard delay to the original two weeks work time that he promised.

One clear afternoon they were sitting on their new wooden porch that their father has built with the prime of his energy and money. Two children, they were six and seven years old. Roie the younger of the two brothers was biting happily a juicy red apple.

"Give a bite"
It was his big brother Yoatm, desperate from failing attempts to hit the pigeons that were flying between the trees. And anyway, the little stones reserve that he prepared in advance was almost finished.

Roie was truly enjoying every bite now, as Yotam's eyes were staring at the big apple that was rapidly disappearing into his cheeky brother's mouth.

"Give a bite, or I kill you"
"Kill" Roie replied calmly.
A second didn't pass and the two children were on ___ wooden floor punching each other as hard as they could. Scratching, kicking screaming with Indian cries that in fact the tree has heard back in the forests of his youth in Brazil.

Still severely beating each other, Ruthy, their 7 years old neighbor was watching them. She was older and wiser then the two young foals and her heart saw the opportunity and was accelerating its beatings happily. With cautious steps she came out and approached the new porch. Ruthy hated this Porch. It was tall and it seemed as if it was constantly reminding her how short she is in compare to it. It was impossible to reach it from the outside. Even though Yotam already found a way to reach it after climbing the poplar tree that was attached to it, but every time he climbed it he was scratching his knees, and already twice he fell down and bruised himself, all just to impress Ruthy of course. She loved man that got hurt for her, even though she naturally never showed it. She only laughed in the face of her gallant suitor mischiefs.

As Ruthy was approaching the porch, the battle has already ended. Roie, which a small drip of blood was decorating his hip, was chewing on the last bites of the quarrel's apple. The scratch must have impressed Ruthy; he thought to himself, Thought and kept biting. Now she was already right under the porch. He looked at her from above, like a general announcing his queen that he just conquered for her another land. She looked at him and laughed. He swallowed the remaining of the apple.

Suddenly Ruthy's eyes changed, she stopped laughing and looked at him with horror.

"What have you done?"
"Nothing!" he smiled to himself. In his mind were already passing images of his brother's envy looks when he will marry Ruthy in an impressive royal ceremony.

"Did you eat the apple seeds as well?"
"Of course!" for you I will eat the moon, he reflected joyfully.
"Are you crazy??"
The conversation tool an unexpected turn, Roie was a bit confused.
"Don’t you know that apple trees are the strongest trees in nature?"
"Sure I know!" He will not expose his ignorance in front his queen. She will know, he's a warrior but an educated one.

"I saw it once on national geographic"
"So you probably know…"
Ruthy wondered to herself how mean can she be, she decided there is no reason to stop now.
"…that apple trees can grow anywhere and that they grew from apple seeds…"
"Sure!" Roie had no idea where this conversation is leading
"…that means that an apple tree is about to grow in your stomach, and it's branches will raise and grow real fast, and they will come out of your mouth and nose and all the kids in school will make fun of you!"

Roie was prepared for all but this vivid image was too much for him. He felt a wave of heat wrapping him, and almost felt the apple seeds turning and tossing in his stomach. With trembling voice he still tried to speak to Ruthy "this is nonsense…" but the pain in his stomach was already too strong. He burst to his house, his face covered with tears.

In the following days Roie had absolutely no sleep.