Sometimes it is pleasant for Doris, that all her sisters are so close to her. It is never boring with them. Doris feels safe when they are around, because they're older then she (almost all of them, accept for one little sister), and they know more things. And always when Doris has a question, one of her big sisters knows the answer, well actually almost always.

Because Doris has many questions, and not always her sisters have patience. They are busy with big sisters things, that Doris finds very stupid, but this is another story.

Maybe this is the time to explain that Doris is not a little girl, she's a finger. She's a finger on the left foot of this boy that she doesn't even know, she just knows that he likes running and getting dirty in mad and sand and all sort of things that cover Doris with filth. Luckily for her, he doesn't like wearing shoes so much, and usually he wears sandals or goes barefoot.

And sometimes it is really lots of fun with them, they all laugh on how much the world is weird.

Doris 1.2

It is not so easy for a finger to walk all by herself. First of all there is this thing that you need to be cut off the leg. Doris didn't even know it is possible until one night she dreamt how she shrinks and twists till suddenly she's cut off the leg, and then she is free, wondering in the world. Forth finger of the left foot, without any foot to be connected to, and without any child, that she doesn't even know, that is attached to the foot and decides where to go, or maybe even he is connected to something that is bigger then him that decides on him. Doris didn't know, but she thought it is nice that all the things in the world are connected to something that is bigger then them, even the really huge ones. Like this, infinitely. But it is also nice to disconnect from this big thing you're connected to, in Doris case it is a foot, and be totally free for a few moments.

At first Doris was very scared. She wasn't used that her night dreams become later a reality. She drew a way from the foot and looked at her from the out side.

HUGE! The foot looked huge, and where she used to be, there was a weird gap. The Pinkie looked really small; she was always leaning against Doris, and now she had nothing to lean against so she looked wrapped up in herself. Doris felt a little sorry for her, she looked so helpless. She promised herself not to desert (name of pinkie) and come back soon.

And so she moved forward, at first very very slow, dragging herself and twisting, with time she learned to move faster. She taught herself a method in which her middle part was rising up and stretching down, rising up and stretching down, it was the best way to move forward, and so she walked and walked. She was walking for a very long time and already got very tired, when suddenly she saw right in front of her the weirdest creature, she never saw anything like it. He had an elliptic shape and a very big and deep hole in the middle, other then that, his shape was very beautiful. He had all sorts of odd and beautiful windings, which Doris has never seen. She approached the strange creature. Doris noticed that the creature was looking at her with wonder, glancing at her shape, that Doris found very ordinary, but the creature obviously found as astonishing and fascinating as she found him. Doris liked the amazed review that the creature gave her. The way he looked at her made her feel special. They drew nearer and nearer to each other, and suddenly the creature turned to her in a loud voice: "hush… you make a lot of noise".

Doris got a little scared and she said in a trembling voice:

"I'm sorry; I didn’t mean to disturb you"
The creature shrank and said again:
"Hushhhhh! Don't yell!"
Doris lowered her voice:
"I didn't shout, I'm almost whispering!"
The creature turned to her in a softer voice:
"I'm sorry, I'm very sensitive to noises, and I didn't mean to scare you".
Doris was mesmerized.
"Who are you?"
She asked almost whispering
"I'm Lulu; I'm the ear of one kid"
An ear, Doris was shocked. She heard all sorts of rumors from her chatty sisters, but she has never imagined to herself that there are such beautiful and fascinating creatures like Lulu the ear.

"What's an ear?"
She asked curiously?
Lulu yelled.
"I'm sorry, but you really have to lower your voice, your whisper is like a scream to me".

"I'm sorry".
Doris replied in such a weak voice, that even she couldn't hear it".
"It's O.K, I'm used to it".
Lulu said.
"An Ear is the most important organ in the world".

Doris 1.3

Just in front of her Doris saw the most beautiful creature she has ever seen. He looked round from far, but when she got closer she saw that his shape is much more complex then just a circle. It was a kind of ellipse that was dragged down, and had inside of it many beautiful and peculiar windings. In the middle of the creature, it looked as if another elliptic creature has begun, similar to the outside one but different. And in the middle there was a very dark hole, which Doris found very shady. It was the most incredible, odd, handsome creature that Doris has even come across.

Doris said.
"Hush"… (Take from 1.2)

After her encounter with the ear, Doris felt that her balance got disturbed. The words and beauty of the strange creature got her shaken in such depth that she felt she must keep on touring the world some more. She felt a little bit insignificant compared with the ear, but mainly she was curious.

Doris wondered if really all the things in the world are connected to things that are bigger then them. She knew, for instance, that she herself had things attached to her, like her little finger nail, she also knew that she was attached (at least up to this day) to the big foot and that in comparison to her she was very small. I wonder if the foot is also connected to something and like this it keeps on going to infinity. Doris tried to think, if all the things in the world are attached to things that are bigger then them, where is the end? Maybe at the end there is something that is so big that it is not connected to anything else? Doris wondered if there is one thing that is so big, so big that you can't see him. The same as little things that are so small, that you can't see them.

Doris 1.4

Doris wondered for long time until suddenly she saw a beautiful white shape. She came closer.

"Who are you?"
Doris asked.
"I'm an egg".
"An egg?"
Doris tried to search her mind but she had never came across an egg.
"What is an egg?"
"An egg is an egg"
The egg's answer got Doris even more confused. An egg is an egg. This doesn't really help.
"But, what an egg do?"
"An egg doesn't do, an egg is an egg"
Doris felt how she's becoming foggy. This made her angry. What does it mean doesn't do? What kind of a cheeky shape is an egg? How can it be that she doesn’t do?

"So what are you for egg?"
"I am not for. I don't do and I am not for. I am who I am. And I am an egg".