A short Story

All I wanted was to keep on sleeping.

And suddenly those weird voices push themselves into my dream, such rudeness. Right in the middle of my sleep, that was so sweet and cosy. If it weren’t for these voices, I could have gone on sleeping forever.

At first, the sounds were dim and distant, and my dream managed to find some far- fetched explanation for them. But they were intensifying, becoming a real mass, and even though they still had something dull and distant I couldn't keep ignoring them.

I woke up.

All around me there was a complete darkness. How long have I been here? Wait. As a matter of fact, where at all am I?

Everything was foggy. I was still veiled in my sleep web, which was paralyzing my senses. The noises were getting stronger. For a moment I could have sworn that I'm hearing screams. I tried to listen, but everything was dull and blurred. I wrapped up in my corner and waited. I started shivering. What ever will be, let it be already. The protecting warmth evaporated as if it never existed.

How did I get here? Why can't I remember anything?

I had no idea how much time passed, but now I could here the voices loud and clear. It seemed that they were just behind the wall, or a few rooms a way. And still their strength coated me from all directions. It seemed to me that the earth was moving. Do I hear a woman screaming out there?

I closed myself, tried to shut off in my imaginary bubble. Maybe it is a dream after all, just a bad dream.

But then it started.

A freezing cool penetrated as if from no where, a stream of chill that has invaded simultaneously every single point in my body.

My organs wrapped in one another with terror. Suddenly I've notices that I'm naked. Accompanying the freezing cold appeared in the distant a tiny ray of light that grew increasingly becoming a spotlight that blinded my eyes, dazzle and mesmerizing me with strength I have never encountered before. What is happening to me? There can be no more mistakes. I could clearly hear screams.

A strong smell penetrated my nostrils. Is it the scent of medicine? I was overwhelmed with shiver. Whatever is about to happen, it will happen soon. I won't let them. I launched my hands to grab something. They wondered for a brief moment in empty space and then reached a kind of slippery pipe. I held it firmly, my body trembling; I think I started to cry.

Now everything was happening very fast. I thought I'm seeing beyond the bright light ghostly figures walking around in white robes, But why me? The thought shook me.

I tried to remember what I did that got me in here. What did I do wrong? But all was vague. I guess they already injected me what was needed. They were professionals.

And then it really started.

An enormous pair of hands grabbed me. Their touch was firm and freezing. They started pulling me forcefully. I resisted as much as I could. I was screaming. Clutching, kicking, nothing helped. It seemed to me as if another pair of hands was joining in. The blinding light kept intensifying, hitting me, and so did the shouts I was moaning hysterically. Tried to imagine the worst of all, but there was no need to imagine.

And then the pain started. They grabbed my head so strong, I was sure they will pull it out of its place. And it all happened with this kind of pathological professionalism, as if I am just a part of their daily routine. I was screaming at them to let go of me, but they were only smiling to one another, as if they don't understand.

I tried to calm myself down. It's just a dream, just a dream. it can't be, and they keep pulling me again and again, and I keep screaming, and this light blinds me, and the smell…it's horrible, and they're smiling, and I'm kicking and I have no air, and the screams from the outside they are insane, and I have nothing to hold on to, and I'm trembling, and they don’t let go, and I'm all frantic, and then everything spins around me, and I sob, I moan, I curse…

It's over.

I will probably never go back to my dim and cosy corner. I belong to them. Totally belongs to them.

A pair of terrifying hands carries me to the corner of the room. I look up and I see the owner of the arms. She has a white gown and a perverted smile all over her gigantic face. She sprays me with cold fluid, cleaning my body with vigorous movements. Once she's done, she carries me back to the center of the room, while slightly rocking me.

There on the bed another woman lies. She looks half fainted, her face is all sweaty and she's breathing heavily.

The gigantic terrifying woman holding me smiles to her and happily she mutters:

Congratulations! It's a boy.

She throws me in the arms of "sweaty".

Nothing good can ever come out of this, I think to myself, and started crying again.